About me


A dismal secondary school performance which ended before my 16th birthday, and an only marginally improved first semester of a Three Year Graphic Arts and Design Diploma (I was asked to leave) led me to the studio of an artist and teacher who illuminated certain aspects that I have held fast ever since: The extraordinary power of the visual arts to provide a voice for the individual and elucidate and question their context; the life transforming potential of a teacher and a particular love of the vibrancy, tension and intrigue of this corner of Southern Africa.

I have spent the years subsequent to that encounter pursuing a career in Fine Art (though I did complete the Graphics Diploma and other qualifications… a surprising achievement given the abysmal performance of my earlier life), and being immersed in art education at both Secondary and Tertiary levels.

This website and blog is a narrative of those strands which form part of my self identity. It runs parallel to my own visual arts, that of my students, and my teaching. It is framed within an extraordinary but sometimes immensely challenging country.