Greg Shaw was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he lives and works. He holds a National Diploma in Graphic Art and Design from Harare Polytechnic and a BA cum laude in Art History and Music in History and Society from the University of South Africa (UNISA). His body of work ranges from digital drawings to large scale works incorporating traditional and non-traditional media. Whilst personal themes such as a the confrontation with cancer and a violent assaulted have punctuated his practice, he is predominately concerned with the structures that create and condition these experiences; the socio-political dimensions of his native Zimbabwe and his relationship to the complex concept of “land”. Shaw has exhibited consistently in Zimbabwe, as well as in South Africa and Europe. Exhibitions include Five Bhobh: Painting at the End of an Era, Zeitz MOCAA (South Africa: 2018) FNB Joburg Art Fair, (South Africa: 2018), Munich Contempo International Art Fair, (Germany: 2011). He has presented five solo exhibitions at Gallery Delta, Harare (Zimbabwe). His works are included in the Permanent Collection of The National Gallery of Zimbabwe and the Municipality of Stavroupoli, Thessalonkik (Greece). He is a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grantee (2007), and NAMA recipient (2019). He is the Head of Art and Design at the Hellenic Academy, Harare.


The Valley of the Shadow, 2007, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta Harare 

Embers of Dreams, 2006, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta, Harare

Shouting in Whispers, 2004, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta, Harare

Seeing Women, 2000, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta, Harare

Greg Shaw, 1994, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta, Harare


Five Bhobh: Painting at the End of an Era, 2018, Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town.

FNB Johannesburg Art Fair 2018, Village Unhu, Johannesburg.

Expectations, 2018, Gallery Delta, Harare

Zimbabwe Meets Italy, 2018. National Gallery of Zimbabwe

State of the Land, 2018, Gallery Delta, Harare.

From Line To Form, 2017, Gallery Delta, Harare.

Link: Azvedo, Mapondera, Lieros, Patel, Shaw, 2016, Gallery Delta, Harare

Terra (I-IV), 2012 – 2016, Gallery Delta, Harare

Gallery Delta, 40 Years Past and Present, 2015, Gallery Delta, Harare

Flashback: An exhibition examining contemporary artistic trends through 40 years of Gallery Delta, 2014, Gallery Delta, Harare.

From Sound to Form, 2013, Gallery Delta, Harare

Masks, 2013, Gallery Delta, Harare

A Tribute to Kazantzakis, 2012, Gallery Delta, Harare

Art/Artefact (I,II), 2012, 2014, Gallery Delta, Harare

Munich Contempo, 2011, International Art Fair, Munich

Colour Africa, 2011, Amalienstrasse 81, Munich

Vernissage, 2011, Nadine Gallery, Paris

Art Zimbabwe, 2011, Gallery Delta, Harare

Modern Art of Zimbabwe, 2010, Korea Foundation Cultural Centre, Republic of Korea

Roots: An exhibition of African Artefacts and Contemporary Responses, 2010, Gallery Delta, Harare

35 Years: A Select Retrospective and Contemporary Exhibition of 35 Paintings, Graphics and Sculptures by 35 Artists, 2010, Gallery Delta, Harare                          

Windows of Hope, 2009, Pot Bouille, Avignon

Des Artistes aux Carmes, 2009, Place Des Carmes, Avignon

34 Years Plus, 2009, Gallery Delta, Harare

Walls: An commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 2009,

The Land, 2009, Gallery Delta Harare

A Select Collection, 2009, Gallery Delta Harare

Post Election Selection, 2008, Gallery Delta, Harare

determine: Nation, 2008, National Gallery Zimbabwe 

Dead Wait / Weight, 2008, National Gallery Zimbabwe

Reflections of Zimbabwe, 2008, University of Avingnon, France 

The Valley of the Shadow, 2007, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta Harare 

Changing Skins, 2006, National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Shrines, 2006, Gallery Delta, Harare

Rembrandt: An African Response on his 400th Birthday, 2006, Gallery delta, Harare

Don Quixote, an African Perspective, 2006, Gallery Delta, Harare

Embers of Dreams, 2006, Greg Shaw at Gallery Delta, Harare

30 years of Gallery Delta, 2005, Gallery Delta, Harare

Wander Wonderland, 2005, National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Legacy, 2004, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich,

The Collectors Exhibition, 2004, Gallery Delta, Harare

 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Olympic Ideals, 2004, Municipality of Stravoupoli, Thessaloniki, Greece

Face to Face, 2004, National Gallery of Zimbabwe for Harare

Olympiad 2004, 2004, Gallery Delta, Harare

 Ikons II, 2003, Gallery Delta Harare

Variations, 2002, Chelsea Gallery, Cape Town, RSA 

A Select Collection, 2002, Gallery Delta, Harare

Totems, 2001, Gallery Delta, Harare

Millennium Exhibition, 2000, Gallery Delta, Harare

Ikons, 2000, Gallery Delta, Harare

25 Years of Delta, 2000, Gallery Delta, Harare

Post Election Selection, 2000, Gallery Delta, Harare

The Last Parrot, 1998, Greg Shaw, Gerry Dixon and Hilary Kashiri at Gallery Delta, Harare

Decade of Award Winners, 1996, National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Lecturers of the Polytechnic, 1994, Pierre gallery, Harare

Zimbabwe Annual Heritage, 1994, National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Trio, 1992, Greg Shaw, Anne Carrington and Martin Poppelwell at Gallery Delta, Harare

Quest, Seeking an Identity, 1991, National Gallery of Zimbabwe


National Arts Merit Award, 2019, National Arts Council Zimbabwe

 Pollock – Krasner Foundation, New York, USA, Grantee 2007 

Excellence in the Visual Arts, 1992, National Gallery of Zimbabwe- 1992

 First Prize: Graphics, 2009, Embassy of Germany in Association with Gallery Delta

Award for Painting, 2007, Embassy of Switzerland in Association with Gallery Delta

Award: Visual Arts, 2006, Embassy of Spain in Association with Gallery Delta

First Prize: Graphics, 2006, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Association with Gallery Delta 


Modern Art of Zimbabwe: The Korea Foundation Cultural Centre, 2010

Gallery: The Art Magazine from Gallery Delta, No. 28 1998

Gallery: The Art Magazine from Gallery Delta, No.24 1997

A Decade of Award Winners, 1992, MBC and National Gallery of Zimbabwe

The Financial Gazette, Zimbabwe, 30 May 2012

The Daily News, 28 November 2011

The Herald, 21 February 1998

The Sunday Herald, 28 November 1996

The Herald, 7 June, 1996

The Daily Gazette, 18 March 1994

The Herald, 18 November 1992

The Sunday Herald, 30 October 1992

The Herald, 16 November 2012


Mediterranean Shipping Company, 2003, Harare  

Zimrock International, Zimbabwe, 2004, Ruwa, Zimbabwe


National Gallery of Zimbabwe; Permanent collection

Municipality of Stravoupoli, Thessaloniki, Greece

Mediterranean Shipping Company, Harare

Zimrock International, Ruwa


 Australia, Austria, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland,  Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Zimbabwe

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